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Letter to the Superintendent

Dr. Padilla, Superintendent of Schools Newburgh Enlarged City School District 124 Grand Street Newburgh, NY  12550 Hello! I’m Zachary Don and I’m a Junior here at Newburgh Free Academy North Campus. This year, school has been drastically changed due to the covid-19 pandemic and its affected everyone, from staff to students. However, since the beginningContinue reading “Letter to the Superintendent”

Time Heals Wounds

In my experience, emotional pain gradually gets less over time. I think that theres a multitude of reasons for that, but firstly, as time goes on you make new, potentially happy memories. Also, most minor Inconveniences are forgotten about by the next year. For example, when my sister first went to college, I was upsetContinue reading “Time Heals Wounds”

My Genie Wished

If I had to choose three wishes, I would probably be stuck on what to wish while. I’m a very indecisive person so choosing something so drastic seems like a nightmare. However, I would determine 3 smart wishes. The first thing that I would wish for 10 billion dollars. Some might argue that money cantContinue reading “My Genie Wished”

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