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My Routine

My life at this point has essentially come down to the same routine every week. I attend virtual school online every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. . I go to work the same times every week as well, 3pm-7pm on Friday and Monday and 8am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday are asynchronous day’s, meaning schoolContinue reading “My Routine”

Conformity in Social Media

Social media is like the wild west of the internet. Social media is a great place to discover and interact with new people and to express yourself. However, more often than not, people try to conform their social media profile and posts to fit in with trends. Trends on social media apps like Instagram orContinue reading “Conformity in Social Media”

My Evolution as a Thinker

Over the years as I have gone through school, my learning process has drastically changed. In elementary school, I never really felt challenged with school. My classes were always too easy for me and they bored me. However, because of this, I never learned useful techniques to help me study and I got in theContinue reading “My Evolution as a Thinker”

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