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If I could give anybody advice, I would tell them that the best way to live life is to be generous, not greedy. I feel like this is common knowledge, however growing up in a capitalistic society, many people turn out greedy. This advice goes for everyone in my opinion. No matter how much youContinue reading “Advice”

Love/Hate Letters

To my phone, Thanks for always being there for me whenever I needed to know a random fact on the internet or had to make a call. Whenever I’m in a jam and don’t know something, I always can rely on you. Thanks also for being a great companion. Whoever I’m bored at home orContinue reading “Love/Hate Letters”

What Im Prepared For

I am prepared for my job. I have been working there for two years and I know how to do everything. I work lots of hours a week and have been for a while. I am prepared for college. Ever since elementary school I have been learning how to study and grasp new material. IContinue reading “What Im Prepared For”

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